This business is about managing other peoples’ money – requisites are impeccable integrity, financial knowledge, 401k & Klever Planning skills – which can be developed over time.

Operations manager

As a hands on co-ordinating manager you manage expenses & services delivery. In which case you can share after tax profits generated by your team *(around 7%). As an agency manager you earn an override on own business and qualify for business percentages where your clients are referred to others in your team.

There are several opportunities – depending on how resourceful u are, how hard you work and how good your management skills are.

Questions relating to sales and marketing can only be answered by you. I require business partners at the management level to be skilled marketers, self-confident & independent – with established Corporate Clients.

There should be no looking around for whom to serve immediately. Our CRM marketing program should stream an infinite supply of new customers with exponentially compounding growth.

You only need 10 customers to ignite your marketing pire. 

How many corporate clients do you have? What is the total number of employees?

My arrangement with others is irrelevant – experience requirements vary, Advisors need SEC licencing, managers need at least 10 corporate clients (each with 10+ clients)

There are various pay grades – starting as a base grade consultant (earnings about 25% of net revenues) up to Divisional General Manager (50% of net revenue). A Life Agent working the Corporate Market should knock things out of the park.

As there is a requirement for a 401k advisor to be SEC licensed – find someone you recruit to join us who is qualified or you refer customers to one in our group. Either way they must get paid. Which comes out of your share of net after tax earnings. *Thus you earn over-rides as a managing agent.

You decide your business model – u either directly find customers to introduce the concepts to, or recruit a team of consultants and marketers 

Ensure setting of appointments for clients with our consultants (who must be licensed and trained) – you co-ordinate bookings, plan designs and plan installations. Once over program designs and consultant performance.

Register completed programs or call in technical support (who also need to be paid

The alternative for you is an easier track with less earnings – a percentage of earnings per client or per recruited licensed consultant – or both (up to 10% of the earnings per consultant.)

– finding corporate clients or recruiting licensed consultants (who must be SEC licensed, trained & pass muster)?

Or could you be an Operations Manager

  • To be successful in referring clients you must
  • have an established highly respected relationship –
  • e.g. as a marketing or management consultant,
  • life agent,
  • financial planner or
  • accountant.


  • You aborb all there is about 401k obtained Externally.
  • I run an induction course for KLEVER & ongoing training.-
  • (initial college membership $5,000 plus annual cost $5,000 for klever)
  • Additional training may be needed to develop skills for marketing & sales.

The digital age removes the need for face-to-face hand holding provided you exude confidence & trust.

  • Your starting point is
  • a SWAT analysis which you should send to me with your CV,
  • Please indicate your preferred level of initial involvement –
  • what tasks can you accept immediately?