Your training will introduce you to the concept of not burdening a business with expenses, which negatively impact earnings and tarnish business valuation.

By our organization taking an equity position either directly in a business or in a JV entity the reporting vehicle remains unblemished, profits are unimpaired the value of the business is higher than what it would be if we billed for services instead of accepting equity participation and kept expenses down for our clients.

The rewards plan for our Consultants & Partners is a share of results – delivered tax effectively, with preference for leaving revenue stream in client businesses and we obtain capital benefits which do not detract from our client’s business earnings.

The absolute potential earnings for our organization and partner is astronomic – our objectives are to multiply earnings & business valuation for sale several times over.

Take a simple example of a small successful business making before tax $1million. Say we only manage to double its value and take a 30% share in the uplift $300,000 *(100% of our earnings) booked to our Corporate Account.

We make provision for tax at 21% – leaving 79% for distibution.

The organization retains 29% – from which operating expenses are paid *(producing an insignificant tax benefit)

The remaining 50% of earnings goes to our partners “who are spread over 3 levels”

i) City Consultants *(15%)

ii) City Associates *(30%)

iii) Divisional Managers *(50%)

Each class of Partner is eligible for overrides on their team members – receiving the differential between the two earnings share rates

if a Divisional Manager attends to all aspects of a clients program their entitlement would be 50% of $300,000

Realistically you should not be only endeavoring to double the value of a  client’s business – when you should be at least tripling each of your client’s businesses.

Recompute an estimate of  our earnings and your share with the assumption of producing that as  the  minimum result when you have earned your spurs.

Profitable Businesses are bought and sold most often at multiples of 3 times earnings. Thus the ROI for the Investor should be above 30% (33% to be exact). 

Applying the Rule of 72 by reinvesting earnings of 30% compounding the Capital value should double every two and a half years (2.5years) – without even breaking in to a sweat.

Applying the techniques you will be taught earnings could be doubled within the first year of taking on a new client even before applying the additional marketing programs our organization can crank up with little or no cost to our clients. There should be cost savings on most marketing campaigns clients have before we ride in to town.

The CRM Marketing Programs we install have raw costs of less than 10% of standard marketing programs (saving 90%) – as it is far easier to sell a product or service to an existing client than to make a sale to a new customer.

On top of selling more to customer bases we provide irresistible offers to the customers of our clients – which is an effective way to generate referral business – the most cost effective method of marketing to new customers.

Once you master the full range of our services 

How many $1million dollar clients would you aim for each year?

Is there any reason you would not aim at $10million clients or  a $100million one ?

Assume that you wish to be a serious Partner and therefore will build a team of consultants – recruiting training, assisting and supervising 5 people who start at the base level whose earnings share is 15% – you as a Divisional Manager would receive an override of 35% of the Gross Earnings each produce for the Organization.

(Say Proceeds from each client is $300,000, each consultant *(and yourself) have 10 New clients a year, multiply and add up the numbers …  

If that basic math is too difficult then this business is beyond your capabilities.

Obviously you need training in a number of elements – but we will not be teaching arithmetic. You must hold a University Degree *(any discipline), have a tremendous business drive and you must be a clear thinker, rational and decisive.

If you satisfy the criteria to join us book an appointment to see if you are a good fit.