Financial solutions for businesses

(previously also for individuals but now only if YOU are a business owner)

Our basic proposition is ..

Provided you have a Profitable Business we can Find, Save and Make A Lot More Money for you at zero cost – we prove our strategic skills first by finding you $10k in 45 minutes online *(which we earmark to reinvest in your business to expand your marketing budget to generate more sales, new customers. improve cash flow and grow your business)- how does that sound?

There is no need for us to charge fees for all that as we provide our services risk free and get paid by sharing in what we produce for you.


And we do lots of other wonderful things too either on a pay for service basis, an equity position or in most instances both. Having an Investment Banking Background I can clean up balance sheets, recraft P&L, assist with private placements, Take Overs, Buyouts, NO MONEY Acquisitions and transform mundane enterprises in to vibrant power houses.

Additional services are Bullet Proof Asset Protection, Business Stewardship and Tax Management – deferral, elimination or swap tax for Assets and Increased Revenue,

Starting point is to first see if I can help you?

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