Helping Business Owners grow revenue our share might might be 10% to 30% of the results we produce – which as a minimum expectation is at least $100,000 – yielding us $30,000

Qualifying Clients to take on can significantly improve results for clients and produce more substantial earnings for ourselves:

For Example: While in most instances we can help clients increase their Revenue by $100,000 there is no need to stop there. After taking our share – usually 30%, there would $70,000 for the client – which should be reinvested back in to more marketing. With a multiplier of 3 to 5 (say 4).

The second round of marketing could produce $280,000 of extra revenue. Deduct our 30% ($84,000) the Client retains close to $200,000 (which we would happily round up for them to leave us with $80,000).

It should not take Einstein to recognize the value for the client (& ourselves) of ploughing that $200,000 back in to more marketing in order to increase revenue further by $800,000; In which case we should receive $320,000

If you add the 3 rounds of marketing expenditures the overall Revenue increase amounts to over a Million Dollars – rewarding us handsomely. As there is a time lag from when a new marketing campaign begins and when the full force is reflected in Revenue increase accept the possibility that the third round of marketing and its results take place in the year subsequent to the first round in year one.

Thus our expected earnings share in the first year might be $30,000 + $200,000 totalling $280,000. Calculate what your personal share would be from each of your clients (30% or 50% of that) if you elect to start with us as?

  1. A Consultant – $84,000
  2. A Manager – $140,000

Each Partner is expected to take on 20 clients a year (less than 2 a month); with the possibility of earnings for the Organization exceeding $4,800,000 – generated by you` in your first year.

Determine year 1 earnings of a Consultant and a Manager from a total of 20 clients?

Year 2 earnings from New Clients that year could be expected to be roughly the same as year 1. However, now comes an exciting aspect.

Our earnings year 2 from Clients originated the year before should be far greater as you helped clients build a mountain of Cash to put in to their marketing programs. Assume each of your 20 clients has the additional $200,000 going towards their second year’s marketing – and anticipating similar results for each of the 20 clients – Client Revenue increases by $800,000 – Our share should be $240,000 times 20 client our own earnings just from those clients might be close to the $4,800,000 as calculated above from the third round of additional marketing.

Calculate your personal earnings *(as a Consultant & Manager – for comparison) from continuing clients and what you expect to derive from New Clients in year 2. What are the numbers you came up with? Add the 2 figures to see your Gross Personal Earnings for year 2?

Clearly the greater personally generated earnings achievable by Managers exceeds what a Consultant might enjoy – simply because their share of our receipts is much higher (50% versus 30%).

A Managers’ gross earnings can further eclipse that of a Consultant because in addition to what they make from their own clients they are eligible to receive overides on Consultants they manage.

It is expected that a Manager recruits, trains, assists and manages 5 new Consultants each year – building a substantial business with a large team over 5 years. (What aggregated gross earnings might result within 5 years of business development?)

Before reading further – Be prepared to tell our interviewer: At what level would you like to start out with us – Consultant or Manager? (Consultants can grade up to Associate status once they take on team building responsibiltes – no one starts as an Associate).

Relevant as an adliunct to helping Clients with Revenue Growth is our Remuneration & Retirement Planning Program – referred to as 401KLEVER

When Partners follow our guidelines not only will it produce its own earnings but it also filters in to our Business Growth Program to add supplementary cash flow to a Client’s marketing programs (which enhances earnings potential for us).

Remuneration Plans – Installing 401k Plans for Executive Staff with Total Yearly Investment Contributions of $39,000 to $52,000 – with an upfront fee of 5% and ongoing trailing fee of 1% of Assets Under Management Plus Performance Fees of up to 25%

Have a go at estimating the Organization’s Gross Receipts when staff numbers of a client firm are 10 to 100; Look at year 1 and then the accumulation over time for subsequent years.

* How many client firms might you be servicing – and what are the total number of 401Klever Plans with Maximum Contributions by both EMPLOYEE and EMPLOYER (Matching Contribution)