Relevant as an adjunct to helping Clients with Revenue Growth is our Remuneration & Retirement Planning Program – referred to as 401KLEVER

When Partners follow our guidelines not only will it produce its own earnings but it also filters in to our Business Growth Program to add supplementary cash flow to a Client’s marketing programs (which enhances earnings potential for us).

Remuneration Plans for Executive Staff with Total Yearly Investment Contributions of $39,000 to $52,000


1. an upfront fee of 5% ;

2. an ongoing trailing fee of 1% of Assets Under Management

3. Plus Performance Fees of up to 25%

Have a go at estimating the Organization’s Gross Receipts when staff numbers of a client firm are 10 to 100; Look at year 1 and then the accumulation over time for subsequent years.

* How many client firms might you be servicing – and what are the total number of 401Klever Plans with Maximum Contributions by both EMPLOYEE and EMPLOYER (Matching Contribution)