The Simplest way to make Half a Million Dollars …

You Only need to invest $11,570 to make $500,000 over the next 6 years!

If you do not have spare funds or an Investment to cash in then;

  • Use Your IRA,
  • Borrow from your 401k,
  • Take an LOC from your home equity, 
  • Pull Out a Credit Card, or even
  • Get Money from Uncle Sam  

There is no rocket science involved and the work only entails buying and selling properties which are sourced for you. Finance is provided as too are the end buyers. It is anticipated that you may wish to increase your earnings so provision is made for that also! **You will be shown how!  

Very simply – You outlay as an initial investment only $7,000, as a deposit on a piece of land – which is then accepted as collateral for you to be advanced approximately $100,000 – used as a deposit on a nice home in a nice area, with a market value of around $400,000. You will be provided with the additional finance to complete the purchase ($300,000) and you cover the closing costs of around $4,000 on only that first home – which brings your total own cash investment for the 2 initial properties to $11,000.

All loan interest is paid for you, from rental incomes, IRS rebates and a subsidy to meet all expenses. Apart from the initial home purchased closing costs on all other properties will be paid for you. So there are no other investment capital requirements.

On the basis that you will buy and sell 5 nominated properties each year you will be paid $10,000 for each round turn, which can be capital gains tax assessed at your discretion. You do not have to find properties to acquire nor to locate end buyers.

It is expected that the average profit on each property will be 5%  – which would amount to $20,000 each time – half of which will be yours. If a property is sold for more the greater profit is also split. Economists and Actuaries have the numbers worked out as follows:

5 houses a year earns you $50,000 ($10,000 on each) times 6 years equals $300,000. There will be additional earnings based on the value of property sales. Any shortfall in your total earnings from the targeted $500,000 will be given to you as tax free capital. Thus you are assured of half a million dollars regardless of the profit made on individual properties.

To commence as a Business Partner you need to make application to purchase the initial block of real estate – paying the processing fee of $570. On acceptance you then pay the $7,000 deposit. The houses to be purchased will be selected for you and all finance provided. All you need do is complete the paper work to become the owner of the homes which are to be acquired. It is essential that all homes be resold as quickly as possible for cash flow purposes and you may assist in the process by finding an end buyer. In which case you make extra money.

If your FICO score is up the spout a nominee partner may be substituted for yourself (*who will share in some of your profits).

As the number of partners is limited for each city it is vital you apply without delay.

Do not lose money by missing out.

It is Your Move!

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