401KLever is a Cash Flow Management System to Fund Executives Retirement,


Costs Employees nothing

Reduces Employer’s Wage Costs

401KLever Restructures Executive Wages – improves Salary Packages by 30%, while lowering wage costs for the Employer by close to $20,000 per employee each year. (How many Executives and High Salaried workers do you employ?)

Executive Employees are able to increase their Retirement Investments by an additional $30,000 to $52,000 a year – an extension program can grow Employees 401k investments by more than 10%.

If you are handy with a calculator extrapolate the compound growth on an additional $120,000 going in to your Retirement Nest Egg every 3 years earning 10% a year tax sheltered.

If an employee is already contributing maximum at present to their 401k Plan now they can have additional funds for building their nest egg.

This can permit more aggressive wage structuring to reduce income tax, enable leveraged investing – with futher benefit of interest deductions – and employers pick up additional benefits of lower wage cost plus an opportunity for double leveraging tax deductions of the employer’s contributions (without putting their hand in their pocket to fund).

Employers gain considerably from the 401klever Plan without cost.

Free Money is provided to Expand Your Marketing Budget, generate additional revenue & increase profits.

That builds the value of Your Business for zero out of pocket for the Business Owner, facilitating early exit with a lot more money – Plus an opportunity to shave tax on proceeds from Sale of Your Business.

In most cases a Business Owner is able to realize 40% higher net after tax proceeds on Sale of Your Business than what you could today.


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