How You Can Build a $2million a year Consulting Business in 12 months

A Consulting Business with $2million a year revenue can be sold for a multiple of earnings – possibly 5 to 6 times as a Trade Sale, and 10 times or more if Listed on the Stock Market. So instead of looking at the income from consulting or coaching clients – look at the capital profits you can make.

It is within the reach of every Business Coach and Consultant when you earn $100,000+ recurring income per client – as just 10 Clients yield $1million, and by year 2 by adding just 10 New Clients the magic number is $2million in total for the year. Year 3 with another 10 Clients results in $3million and there is scope for a lot more profit.

  • The Private Equity approach to Business Coaching and Consulting makes it possible to acquire and build assets without using any of your own money –
  • which you can sell for hundreds of thousands of dollars when you choose and realize capital profits free of tax on holding for less than 12 months.
  • It should be a natural progression in development of your business to add in Private Equity components, focused on the Financial Elements of SMEs, No Money Down Acquisitions and Fast Turnarounds – Cashing Out for the Greatest Rewards in the Least Amount of Time.

Private Equity is the buying and selling of businesses in off-market transactions as distinct from on the Share Market. However where there is scale and suitability Public Listing can be a possibility – there, businesses can be sold at much bigger multiples of earnings than via trade sales.

Every Business Coach is able to be involved in Private Equity without needing to invest capital, and unlike others who look to acquire Distressed Companies the Business Coach/Consultant only need look for Profitable businesses. There is no need to go in to debt to acquire a Private Equity positions in a profitable business, you immediately start receiving a stream of income which will increase constantly exponentially and ultimately convert in to an asset worth 5 to 10 times the annual earnings. Instead of focusing on the income from consulting and coaching look at the assets you build by having an equity position obtained by negotiating a continuing supply of customers for your clients. That becomes a salable asset which you can sell when you choose – in a tax advantaged manner for a Capital Gain without you ever having invested any of your own money in acquiring.

A different approach to the Business of PE than most practitioners – and not adhering to the nonsense the Gurus promote will give you the best ride:

Private Equity Firms Common Practices:

  •  Most target distressed businesses
  • they use leverage to make acquisitions – which involves going in to debt,
  • they spend money – often their own – to develop the businesses to produce better earnings, AND
  • they hold their acquisitions for 5 to 10 years
  • Often the Businesses Fail yet the PE firms still make money – by picking the fruit during the holding periods

My Preferred Slim Business Model:

  • Does not use your own money for acquisitions or business development
  • Rarely involves going in to Debt, but can for Asset Stripping and Tax Management (where structuring is VITAL)
  • Does NOT look for Motivated Sellers
  • Avoids Distressed Businesses
  • Targets Profitable Businesses
  • Never requires holding acquisitions long term
  • Turns over businesses in under 12 months
  • Facilitates Exponential Capital Compounding
  • Has waiting Investors to Purchase Equity in Businesses we have earnings from
  • Rarely results in Going Public
  • Avoids the high cost of IPOs and Back Door Listings

Revenue comes from a variety of avenues:

  • Business Development
  • Cost Reduction
  • Tax Savings
  • Marketing
  • Équity Acquisitions
  • Sale of our structured Businesses or Equity Positions
  • Business Aggregation & Amalgamations
  • Arbitrage on the Differential in Earnings Multiples *e.g. Buy at 3 Sell for 5 , 6 or 7 times!

NOW Pausing for just a Minute – This business has some set up costs. Without Establishing the right Business Structure at the Start there is NO CLEAR SAILING.

If you want a Business Capable of Making Millions of Dollars you need have it set up Day One to run smoothly and efficiently – with no wasting of profits.

How much Capital Do you Have Right Now for Set Up and about 2 to 3 months operating expenses (which should be when money starts flowing in from our Clients)? There is not a lot of money needed in order to have the correct business organization – comprised of a few offshore corporations, a couple of U.S. C Corps. and 2 Trust Deeds.

****** IF you have the Capacity to Proceed ………………………………

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