This is a business program about how to start your own business, find investors and take it public in the stock market.

  • How to legally raise money for your businessHow to find investors for your company and raise millions
  • How to structure shares so you don’t lose control
  • How to build a business and finance it with millions of dollars
  • How to turn an idea into a reality
  • How to create millions in value in the stock market
  • How to get the money you need to finance your business
  • How to structure, build and organize a public company
  • How to become a self-made millionaire with your company
  • How to make money with public companies
  • Examples of business models for private and public companies
  • How to put together a new start-up company and make it successful
  • Learn the public process
  • How to start your own business and live your dream
  • Business development and milestones examples
  • How to find investors
  • Example strategic plan
  • How to get the money you need to finance your business
  • Marketing and promotion of publicly listed stocks
  • How to create an offer and structure a private placement
  • How to create an exit strategy for initial investors
  • How to raise capital for a company
  • Basics for a successful promotional stock campaign
  • Ideas and strategies to get investors for your business
  • Investor relations and news releases
  • Basics about Private Equity
  • Sales techniques to raise capital from investors
  • How to structure a new company
  • The process of raising capital
  • Basic explanation of stocks and corporations
  • How to create happy long-term investors
  • How to finance a new project or idea with private placements
  • Start your own business, get it structured, raise money, take it public in


Private Equity is money that comes from investors of companies that are not yet listed on a public stock market. Or in simple words: Investors buy shares of a private company. They could buy shares of your company and then you will have the money to make your business dreams happen.

  • The basic concept of the Private Equity Business System will teach you the following things:
  • How to find investors, raise money and create a multi-million dollar company.
  • How to structure your company so that you can attract private investors
  • How and where to find private investors
  • How to take your company public in the stock market and give your investors an exit strategy for their investment
  • How to create a publicly listed company and turn your personal share position into millions
  • How to create a successful business with the power of Private Equity
  • How to make money for yourself using the system of Private Equity
  1. How you can raise money to grow your company and go public
  2. How to sell your stocks in the market and turn it into cash
  3. How to find investors that will buy stock in your company and give them a good return on their investment
  4. How to build, structure and organize a new public company so that it can become a $100 million company
  5. How to market and promote the stock of your public company so that many new investors will buy your stock
  6. How to avoid common mistakes and pitfalls and stay 100% legal
  7. How to turn a business idea into a real company that is publicly listed and gets millions in institutional financing
  8. How to put together the right marketing material so that investors will buy your company’s stock
  9. How to create a real exit strategy for your investors so they make money and keep coming back to you for new deals
  10. How to choose a business model and industry that will sustain good and bad times

You will learn how to start your own business and how to make it successful so that you can live the life that you have

always dreamed about.


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An investor invests into a company that is still private (not traded). Through private equity a company can receive the necessary financing to advance its projects and to be successful. The idea behind such an investment is to either be able to sell the stocks in the market when the company goes public or that the company will be bought by a larger company and the investor will get his capital back that way. The investors are willing to purchase shares of this company at a relatively low starting price. The company then intends to obtain a listing at a stock exchange or another similar institution, which will allow the investors to sell their stocks hopefully at a higher price than they originally paid for and thereby make a profit.

Getting the money you need to finance your business

If you are starting your own business you will need money. Depending on your business idea you might not have the necessary funds to realize your idea. Most people think that they need to get a loan from a bank to get started. They soon realize that banks are not willing to lend money without any collateral. Very often this marks the end of most business dreams. Another way to finance your business idea is to get money from private investors. We have seen a lot of people with great business ideas struggle to get money from investors.

If you expect someone to invest into your company simply because you think it is a great company but you don’t make it clear what percentage someone can obtain, how long he must expect to stay invested, how much the annual return on the investment will be or how many times over the investment could multiply, and finally, how and when exactly someone can expect to get his or her investment back, it won’t happen. Even though this sounds like common sense, most people who are looking for money have no clear strategy when it comes to this.

From Mr. Average to becoming a Super Investor

The solution is called “private equity”. A business should be set up from the start in such a manner that there is a structure and plan for investors to be able to buy shares of the company. There needs to be a clear share structure in place so that the owner of the business does not lose control but at the same time allows investors to participate. The most important factor for investors is the exit strategy and the potential return on their investment.

If you can show or predict how much money they potentially could make by investing into your company and when they can expect to get their returns, only then will they be motivated to invest in the first place.

  • This is not normal
  • Starting small and humble
  • The beginning can be difficult
  • Lack of money kills most business dreams
  • You need a clear strategy to raise money from investors
  • 10 main problems
  • A corporation is the vehicle to make your business dreams come true