Which Countries Can I Travel To With A Portuguese Passport?

Portuguese Golden Visa has significant travel advantages. The Portuguese passport is a European Union passport and it can travel to 186 different countries globally, without the need for a visa. These countries include the European Schengen Area.

Can I Work In Canada And The United Stated With A Portuguese Passport?

Portuguese passport grants visa-free travel to Canada, but to be able to work, passport holders go through a different application process. A trip to the United States needs a visa since Portugal citizenship doesn’t grant that. Because these countries aren’t EU members, working in these countries requires separate permits.

Can I Travel Visa-Freely To The United States And Canada With A Portuguese Passport?

Portuguese passport grants his/her holder the right to freely travel to and from Canada, but not the USA. It’s, however, very easy to obtain a visa to travel to the US with your Portuguese passport.

Does Portugal Allow Dual Citizenship?

Portugal allows dual citizenship.  Only if the applicant’s home country does not allow it, the applicant may have to renounce their citizenship of their own country.

How Strong Is The Portuguese Passport?

To start with, Portugal is a European Union country, meaning that holding Portuguese citizenship grants its holder the right to live, study, and work in the EU. The country is ranked 18th according to the Passport Index. In terms of visa-free travel, it is one of the strongest passports in the world.

After I Obtain Portuguese Citizenship, Do I Have To Maintain The Property, Or Am I Allowed To Sell It And Keep The Citizenship?

Once you are a Portuguese citizen, you no longer need to maintain your investment property, you are allowed to sell the property or hold it and keep their citizenship.

Can I Include My Children Later On?

Portugal Golden Visa allows entrance to the country without a visa. It grants Golden Visa holders the right to live and work in Portugal, and to include family members in the program. If one person in the family holds a residence permit, Portugal’s Golden Visa program allows their family to also gain access to a permanent residence permit and Portuguese citizenship in accordance with the legal provisions. They may also enter the country without a residential visa.

Is The Portugal Golden Visa Program Changing?

The government in Portugal proposed to change the Portugal Golden Visa program in 2020.  These changes will no longer allow the applicants to apply for the investment program and obtain a residency permit through real estate investments in Lisbon or Porto. Real estate options in the low-density areas of the country. The Golden Visa program, however, will continue to be available through a subscription in an investment fund or venture capital funds. Besides investment funds, investors will also be able to apply to the program through investment in research activities, national heritage, or the creation of jobs.

Should I Use A Law Firm To Apply For Portuguese Citizenship?

It’s recommended that you work with an experienced advisory firm and an experienced legal representative in applying for the Golden Visa residency permit, as well as your citizenship in Portugal.

If you can’t put in the time for Malta, you can buy a passport from St. Lucia for about $140,000. This is one of the most efficient citizenship for purchase programs available.  They also have a bond program with an investment of $500,000. Listen to this interview for more information on how to buy a Second Passport.

If you want permanent residency quickly, you can invest $35,000 in Nicaragua. You will get permanent residency with the investment and can apply for citizenship after 2 years. Another perk, you can make the investment using your IRA

The catch with Nicaragua is that you must spend 6 months a year for 2 years in the country. If you can’t put in the time, consider Panama with an investment of $20,000. This program was modeled after Portugal and allows you to apply for citizenship after 5 years. Also like Portugal, Panama doesn’t have a physical presence requirement. For more information on Panama, see: Best Panama Residency by Investment Program.

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