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If you are like your average worker, able to contribute only 7% (OR LESS) of your wages towards your 401k Retirement Plan , especially at a time when everyone heading towards retirement knows they will have less money than needed to have a life with dignity – not being able to afford the lifestyle you have always dreamed of; Want to do better?

Most wage earners are behind the 8 Ball when it comes to Tax and Retirement Planning.

So, what’s (or who’s) to blame?

Well, turn your thoughts to your school and college classes. What did school teach you about Retirement Planning, Tax, Investing, Wealth Creation and Financial Management?

Did they promise you a good career, plenty of money and a well off retirement – but instead you’re stuck with a job not paying enough money to be able to save to make ends meet and a retirement plan growing at snail’s pace?

Not having enough MONEY TODAY Can Be Frustrating for Everyone.

Once you are retired Life becomes impossible when you are no longer able to make the money you need for your family and you to buy food, pay for housing, cover medical bills and emergency expenses.

Like most workers the car you drive today is likely to be the last you will ever own.

In many cases this is due to the recession resulting from the Covid19 Pandemic and having an impoverished retirement produced through inadequate plan funding.

What if you had someone else make contributions to your retirement plans – without any obligation for you, no interest payment, no loan to pay back, no debt, just free money for asking to have your salary restructured so there is less payroll tax?

This is a little trick used to remunerate highly paid executives, CEOs and those who run Big Business. It is perfectly legal and it is available to you for the asking. It is equivalent to having a pay rise but with no extra tax to be paid.

In fact you will receive a tax rebate – get money back from the IRS as a reward for following their guidelines to plan your retirement so you will be less reliant on Social Security … or do you say “nay, I’d rather be a pauper in Retirement”?

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401klever came to life after 2 economists developed an obsession to solve the economic problems exacerbated by Covid19.

While researching for a solution, we noticed a very common theme – workers contributions to their retirement funds were far from adequate to provide a decent living with less money to spend in the grey years than what they were accustomed to receiving after tax while working in their job; resulting in a much lower standard of living for most retirees.

And for you to attain the dream life style promised by employer and the education system, you needed to upgrade your retirement plans.

However few workers – especially those on middle incomes – have savings to put towards retirement plans.

The deception of believing a higher income would automatically lead to more money as disposable income, to live on today and in retirement, caused middle income earners to overspend – for instance buying more expensive homes and cars – such that they have little savings, with a lot of debt and extended plastic absorbing a large portion of their earings.

Even with the generous provisions of retirement plans such as 401k these fail to attract more than meagre contributions; as wage earners at all levels do not have sufficient leftover money to put towards their retirement plans.

Thus the dilemna of spending for today versus providing future financial security mostly devolves to catering to the salient hedonist gratification of immediate desires –

after all tomorrow we may be dead (Paul Samuelson).

To which Joan Robinson retorted .”but Not all at the same time!”..

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