Integrated Management Systems
Most business owners have two primary goals in mind when they start their own business

They want to make more money

They want to build an asset that will enable them to sell their business when they retire and live an extraordinary lifestyle

They want to build an asset that will enable them to sell their business when they retire and live an extraordinary lifestyle

The Problem
Lack of knowledge, skills and no experience with successful business strategies in a number of vital areas of business such as Accounting & Tax, Finance, Law, Economics, Investment, Decision Making, Marketing, Business Planning and Cash Flow Management,

All prevening them from making the money they originally envisioned

Less than 3% make more than $100,000 annually

Less than one half of one percent ever reach one million dollars in total revenue

A 30% profit margin = $300,000 ONLY

A big chunk of that goes to taxes

The Problem
Most small business revenue relies on the owner remaining a fixture in the business

When the dentist retires, who continues to service their patients?

Many of their current patients will seek personal referrals from their friends, family or neighbors

This same situation applies to doctors, attorneys, financial planners, accountants, home builders, remodelers, massage therapists, business coaches & consultants
Success Fundamentals
Successful businesses today establish a personal rapport and relationship with their customers and clients

When the business owner leaves the business, their asset is often worthless

The business owner’s initial goals of making more money and building an asset are literally doomed from the start
There Is A Solution!
But it doesn’t have to be that way

We’ve discovered a solution that can restore both dreams of making more money and building a lucrative asset to every small business owner on the planet

This short presentation will explain it to you in detail, and then provide you with the means to apply this solution to your own small business
Want Financial Freedom?
The end result
an immediate increase in your cash flow
a business that generates annual revenue of $1 million dollars
the creation of an instant asset that you can sell for millions of dollars more whenever you choose

We’ve created a state-of-the-art, one-of-a-kind Integrated Management System that contains all tools, the resources, templates, strategies, tactics and world-class video training to help your business grow to multimillion dollar proportions
Want $1 Million In Revenue?
Last year’s total net revenue / 2080

2080 are the average number of hours in a typical work year

Let’s say your net revenue last year was $75,000

$75,000 / 2080 hours = $36 per hour
Want $1 Million In Revenue?
To make $1 million, you need to increase your annual work hours to 27,778 hours

Working 24 hours / day… 7 days / week non-stop over an entire year = 8,736 total available hours

27,778 hours are 3X more hours than are available in that entire one year period

You will NEVER build a million dollar business doing what you’re doing right now
Want $1 Million In Revenue?
Professionals such as chiropractors, attorneys, dentists, financial planners, CPA’s and consultants charge on average anywhere from $75 per hour up to $200 per hour

$200 / hour X 2080 work hours per year = $416,000

You’re not halfway to your goal of $1 million per year

Professionals charging $200 / hour are in the top one tenth of one percent of all earners

Building a $1 million business is difficult
Want $1 Million In Revenue?
If you sell a product or service for $100, you need to sell 10,000 units to reach $1 million

To sell 10,000 units of anything will require you to use mass marketing… and what would that cost you?

You can’t handle the workload and the logistics involved in servicing and fulfilling 10,000 units by yourself
Want $1 Million In Revenue?
You would be constantly on the phone selling, answering questions and objections, filling out order forms, physically packing and shipping the products, handling complaints and refunds and on and on
You could never handle 10,000 units by yourself, which now means you need to hire staff to help you run your business

Staff must be paid and that comes out of your $1 million in revenue, so now you must sell a lot more than 10,000 units to remain at $1 million dollars net… and the cycle starts all over again
Want $1 Million In Revenue?
However, if you sell a product or service for $1,000 dollars, now you need to sell just 1,000 units

That’s much more manageable, but even at 1000 units you will still need staff to assist you with the logistics and orders

If you sell a product or service for $10,000 dollars, now you only need to sell 100 units (less than 2 units per week)

At 100 units, you could easily handle ALL of the logistics yourself, including sales and marketing

Want $1 Million In Revenue?
You may be thinking that selling a product or service for $10,000 is easier said than done

What could you possibly sell that would be worth $10,000

Example… a chiropractor typically charges $50 to $75 per office visit for an adjustment or treatment

They would have to treat 20,000 patients every year to hit $1 million dollars, and that doesn’t take into consideration any of their expenses such as office, equipment or staff

Want $1 Million In Revenue?
If the chiropractor wants to invest $100,000 and buy a state-of-the-art spinal decompression machine, they can sell a package of treatments for $6,000 to $8,000

That’s getting closer to that $10,000 per unit sale

Unfortunately, that requires that $100,000 up front investment in order to produce that higher revenue

This example begins to highlight the true value of our Marketing Management System

Want $1 Million In Revenue?
A chiropractor called us and said he was making around $250,000 per year

He told us he wanted to double his business to $500,000 without working more than 40 hours per week

To double his business, he has to work 80 hours per week since he trades his time for money (as most professionals do)

He asked us if he had any other options
Want $1 Million In Revenue?
He MUST stop trading his time for dollars and learn how to create a process that he can leverage for the rest of his life

By creating a process, he can then license that process to others in his field WITHOUT spending any additional time, effort, energy or expense

He must assume the role of marketer and learn how to generate a massive number of leads and patients for his practice… and then turn those patients over to other chiropractors and take a percentage of their revenue for providing them with their patients
Want $1 Million In Revenue?
THAT’S how you build a million dollar business

He hired us and within 6 months he had 6 additional chiropractors working for him and was making $500,000 per year working 20 hours per week as a chiropractor

Do you think other chiropractors would like to make half a million dollars every year?

Do you think any of these other chiropractors know or understand the process involved to accomplish this feat?
$1 Million Effortlessly
Our chiropractor now has a proven and tested process that will produce these exact same results for every other chiropractor that follows this process

Here’s how we doubled his revenue in only 6 months

First, we identified his ideal clients for all of the conditions he treated such as back pain, carpal tunnel, fibromyalgia, etc.

We then segregated his patients into these individual niche markets

$1 Million Effortlessly
Next, we mapped out the decision making process for each of the niche markets

Then we looked for ways to innovate his practice and add value at every step in the patient experience

Those innovations brought in more patients and allowed this doctor to charge more than his competitors

It also made his practice much more attractive to the additional chiropractors he wanted to bring on board

$1 Million Effortlessly
After we mapped out the decision making process, we then created targeted and compelling messaging that we could roll out in various formats such as…
elevator pitches USP’s
direct mail email
brochures flyers
postcards websites
landing pages
radio TV ads
compelling reports
$1 Million Effortlessly
Once all of this was created, this chiropractor simply followed a preset marketing plan and put everything on auto-pilot

Then he went back to treating patients 20 hours per week and spent the remaining time marketing his practice and flooding his other chiropractors with patients

What would it take for you to duplicate this process for your own business?
$1 Million Effortlessly
You would need complete access to all the tools, resources, templates, strategies, tactics and world-class video training that we used to create all of this for this chiropractor

The Integrated Management System gives you VIP access to everything you need as a small business owner to do all of this for yourself… and build your own million dollar business
$1 Million Effortlessly
With your Integrated Management System you can…
identify your ideal client
select the proper niche markets for your business
map out their decision making process
innovate your business
create compelling messaging such as elevator pitches, Unique Selling Propositions, direct mail, email, brochures, flyers, postcards, websites, landing pages as well as radio and TV ads
$1 Million Effortlessly
In short, your Integrated Management System is there to help you build a million dollar business

In our example, our chiropractor had only made $500,000

Once all of this was developed, he had now created a state-of-the-art chiropractic marketing program that will work for ANY chiropractor that applies it to their practice

Suppose the chiropractor took ALL of his marketing collateral and placed it online to create his OWN Integrated Management System for Chiropractors
$1 Million Effortlessly
Suppose he offered to license it to other chiropractors for $10,000 each… plus a monthly licensing fee of $397

If you were a struggling chiropractor that hated marketing and looking for a turn-key approach to marketing your practice, generating more leads and attracting more patients… would it be worth a one time investment of $10,000 to create a practice that rakes in half a million dollars per year

And that additional $397 monthly licensing fee the chiropractor collects continues into perpetuity
$1 Million Effortlessly
Imagine this chiropractor after selling just 100 marketing licenses… which he could realistically accomplish by hosting a single one hour webinar presentation to a group of his fellow chiropractors

That one hour webinar and the resulting 100 licenses would net this doctor $1 million dollars in up front revenue

The additional $397 monthly fee creates a passive secondary MONTHLY income of almost $40,000

That’s almost half a million dollars every year in passive revenue, and that’s for just 100 sales
$1 Million Effortlessly
Did you know there are more than 65,000 chiropractors in the US alone?

How hard do you think it would be for this chiropractor to sell just 100 of these licenses?

How did this chiropractor learn this licensing strategy and the process to follow to execute this strategy flawlessly
Management System
Everything is in our Integrated Management System

We want to give you total and complete VIP access to every tool, resource, template, strategy, tactic and training video we’ve used over 30 years to help businesses like yours reach that elusive $1 million dollar revenue goa a goal that only 4% of all businesses worldwide ever attain

We’ve invested more than $2 million dollars creating, developing and producing this program… all of it available to you for a paltry $97 per month
Marketing Management
As a small business owner, you must learn how to effectively market your business and expand your offerings to include higher priced products and services

Then once you find your success equation, you can turn right around and license that process to others in your field

Our Integrated Management System has everything you need to do it all

First we help you develop your systems and processes to generate a lucrative income and then create a program that you can license to others for a MUCH higher price with a passive residual income for life
Marketing Management
And as a bonus, never forget that the ability to license your process creates a saleable asset in the future

Example… our chiropractor sells just 100 licenses per year over his first 5 years and then he decides to retire

Over those 5 years, his 100 sales per year have netted him $5 million in up front cash flow and is now generating $200,000 per month in passive revenue

He’s now making $2.4 million dollars every year in just his monthly licensing fees… even if he never sells another license again
Marketing Management
He can easily sell his licensing business for a minimum of $10 million dollars

That’s not too bad a rate of return for investing a few months of time and effort to create a winning sales process

The Integrated Management System offers you the tremendous opportunity to grow your business to that elusive million dollar level

Many of today’s top marketers have called this program the single most powerful client attraction and revenue generating program available today
Marketing Management
You may be thinking this just sounds too good to be true

So why don’t I prove it to you… and I’ll do it for FREE

I’ll prove to you this is everything I just said it is and more by putting a large sum of money directly into your pocket

I want to send you a series of 10 mini-videos that will help you find a minimum of $10,000 hidden in your business

Marketing Management
My partners and I have worked with thousands of business owners all over the world

We’ve discovered that none of them are applying some very simple and easy marketing strategies that can unleash tens of thousands of dollars in hidden revenue in just minutes

I’ll send you one video every 3 days so you have ample time to apply the information to your business

Apply the information and I’ll find you a minimum of $10,000 hidden in your business

Marketing Management
The information in the videos is based on the proprietary tools and resources we use to help our clients around the world to dominate their market

Let me give you complete and unrestricted access to all of these tools and resources so you can immediately begin to pocket that hidden revenue

Let me show you the powerful online marketing techniques we use to drive more traffic to your website through Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter

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Marketing Management System
I’ll show you a paint-by-numbers template that will reveal the secrets to writing marketing and advertising that is so compelling it practically forces your prospects to buy