Do you have a business? What does it do? What products & services does it offer? At this stage I can not see that you have a business. Time to get things moving forward – the objective being to make money & establish a business or several with real goals, a detailed business plan, strategies & actual income producing activities. You have heard of the concept of multiple income streams? The same approach is relevant to structuring our business. We can not sit back waiting for things to happen. Nothing wrong throwing a rod in to a few things – not just one. Waiting for any particular stream to produce some fish. So what are the streams we should be wading in to – and what can we expect to make short, medium & long term?
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You seem reluctant to be a management consultant although that can produce some initial revenue (maybe insignificant – BUT it is a way to build partial equity without cost, and develop a throng of sideline buyers, who might not have much capital, although able to scrounge up a small sum) Selling a bit of our partial equities to small players will give us some capital. Thus there are a few aspects of such a business; ////Another business you might favour is to establish a fund – we have a small amount of capital which can be applied to small acquisitions. Although not ideal it would be a start. Part of the program should entail raising capital from investors, including Vendors/
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Next is what was small time years back but now businesses which you can acquire for less than $30k can be rapidly developed & are be sold for figures like $700,000
There are 3 varieties: 1) SAS 2) Websites 3) Domain Names
How to Flip Your Web Property With a 14x ROI | Matt Diggity, AWasia 2019
Each Business Stress needs a detailed Business Plan & set of Strategies
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Empire Flippers Review: What I Learned From Spending $49,000 Buying An Affiliate Website

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The multiple is made up of a number of factors:

  • Site age
  • Traffic volume and diversity
  • Income stability and diversity
  • Email subscribers
  • Social media following

As a buyer, you’ll have to weigh up how valuable these things are to you. This is why it’s important to set up a due diligence checklist before you start looking for websites to buy. 

Obviously, the price is going to be the main factor in deciding whether a site is suitable. Before you start looking for a site, set up a price threshold that you must stick to. Remember to have some money leftover for work that needs to be done on the site. 

  • One of the most important parts of performing due diligence on a site is ensuring that the claims of earnings and traffic are correct. If you decide to use a broker, then you have an added layer of protection as they will have vetted the business first and should offer protection should anything not be as it seems. 

The diversity of traffic is another factor in deciding whether the site is the right fit for you. Most sites will use search engine optimization (SEO) to bring in the majority of their traffic. Although social channels such as Pinterest can also be large drivers of traffic. 

You should also analyze which pages are generating the most traffic. If one page is responsible for the vast majority, then this is going to be a riskier investment than an even spread of traffic. Perhaps there are a few pages ranking just outside the top three on Google. Getting them into the top three could bring in some big wins. 

Content Quality

This brings us to the next point, a content audit should be performed to assess the quality of what’s been created. Improving poor quality content is one of the most popular ways to optimize an affiliate site. 

Backlink Profile

  • Last but not least is the backlink profile. Using a tool like Ahrefs, you can view the backlinks the site has acquired.
  • The site owner should tell you any backlink building techniques that were used. Anything paid for should be disclosed, especially if a PBN has been used. To double-check, use Ahrefs to analyze if any of the sites are interlinking to one another. This tends to be a sign that a PBN has been used. 
  • You should also look at the referring domains section to see if there are any big spikes or dips. If there are, then ask the seller why it might be. 
  • What kind of site you buy will usually come down to the skillset you have. If you match up your skillset to a site that’s lacking in that area, then you could be onto a very profitable acquisition. Due to the nature of affiliate sites, there are a multitude of ways they can be created, but getting too detailed on your checklist might limit your opportunities. 

Where Do I Find Great Deals?

There are two main choices when it comes to finding affiliate sites for sale. The first is a private sale, and the second is using the services of a broker. 

A pro of opting for a private sale is you can reach out to any site owner and try to negotiate a deal. You aren’t limited by what’s available on a marketplace; you can cast the net as wide as you wish. The downsides to this are obvious: it’s time-consuming, and there’s no promise of a deal at the end of it. 

As mentioned previously, there are fewer protections that come with a private deal. For deals in the tens of thousands and above, it’s recommended that you use Escrow for a private sale to give yourself protection when sending payments. 

As a buyer, you get to use the benefits of a broker without having to pay commission. The seller pays the commission so this is a big plus, especially for your first few deals where you might not be used to the sales process. Some brokers will also include migration services, which will transfer the website over to you. 

Registering for a free account on the Empire Flippers marketplace will give you access to search filters and the ability to save listings to your watchlist to help make the overall process more efficient.

How Do I Make Sure Revenue and Traffic Don’t Drop?

When negotiating a sale, it’s important to include some kind of seller support post-sale. There’s no better person to tell you the ins and outs of a business than the person who created it. 

They’ll be able to tell you what’s working currently and what could be improved upon. This can be a great insight into where to take the site in order to improve it. They’ll also be able to troubleshoot any problems you run into to keep things running smoothly. Affiliate sites don’t tend to be too complex, so 30–60 days of support should be enough. 

Having completed your due diligence check, you should also have an idea of what needs to be done. A plan should be created focusing on the quick wins and how you plan to maintain or grow the site. 

Some common growth tasks include:

  • Posting new SEO optimized content
  • Optimizing old content
  • Implementing a link building campaign
  • Growing and monetizing an email list

Which ones you decide to implement first will depend on the state of the site you purchase. All of them can be hugely profitable, and it’s not uncommon to see buyers of affiliate sites double or triple their monthly net profit in the space of a year. That alone should be all the convincing you need to consider buying an affiliate site.