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Yesterday at 5:45 PM. Original message:…Reply by Thomas:That’s the UK company how’s verified and reliable

With your qualifications and Acquisitions, you’ve got lots of companies and Activities around you.. But you are not into the most valuable and highest currency in the world…

Hi Thomas – had a look at your website.

Apart from the Crypto side I have been involved in all areas of your business and a lot more at much higher levels,

While running a Law Firm in Hong Kong focused on Tax management & Asset Protection principally for US & Australian Corporations I had an MTI Francise – teaching people to trade Forex.

My early years as a Government Economist & Land Use Planner I formulated Government Policies, solved many problems of a finance nature – including raising $200million for development of a Grain Terminsl & related railine to pull a steel city out of a deep recession when that industry took a nose dive; Also assisted Developers with Acquisitions, Design & Compliance on large projects,

Combining my Academic background (a multitude of degrees in multiple disciplines) and experience in many areas of business & a variety of industries I developed unique skills – which enabled me to quickly assess problems, economic merits of opportunities, and intergrated solutions’

Over the years ( developed an array of management programs with revolutionary financial applications. I solve problems no one else is able to – for various Governments & Commercial Enterprises.

I designed products for Insurance Cos & Investment Banks – also bought and built many businesses, mostly of a financial nature for well over 20 years, I was a senior manager or Partner in most businesses and qualified professionally in a number of disciplines, managed ahd trained hundreds of agents, financial planners and ancilliary staff, real estate, equity and retirement investors.

I invented Mortgage Acceleration and pioneered No Money Down Acquisitions of Property & Businesses.

I excuse your comment regarding not being in to the most valuable currency. – when it comes to investment strategy there are many roads, perspectives and imperatives. As a Fund Manager for Friends Provident it was essential to operate by the Investment Management Bible and SEC Rules, Perhaps one day we might discuss how to make the most amount of money in the shortest time, marketing and investment strategies, tax, decision theory plus where you want to go, objectives, time, constraints and your business plan.

Can you please detail your Business Plan, Principal Markets, your ideal investor, preferred marketing programs, geographic orientation, milestones & time, Capital and Personnel currently on and later on with business development?

That brings me to one sign post where I must broach the topic of from Which countries are investors excluded from being approached or not allowed to put money in to your programs?

Regulators just love the high ground – what roadblocks have you encountered?

The small fish you are targetting are not going to produce significant money flows in the early days.

There are enormous market opportunties you could be fishing in – but obstacles abound. Money and other resources need to be directed there – which might involve developing feeder funds and seperate businesses.

When I was State Manager of CML’s Superannutiion and Business Insurance we had 3 business development plans *(similar to the marketing strategy we applied when I was at Nestle)

The schools of small fish were always easy to net – but never provided a meal at economic cost.

Minnows – much bigger fish – took longer to catch (Around 6 months)

Whales were harder to land and took 18 months of angling.

The same scenario with prospective business insurance clients applied.

The smarter more professional agents simply set appointments with clients and their accountants – then called me in to close the deals – where annual premiums averaged $100,000

From the above you can see my preference is to target Bigger Investors,


When I was a financial planner the average investment of my clients was $160,000

(Setting your minimum at $20 is an impediment to attracting good referrals with sizable investments)