If you have a Profitable Business – it is Easy to Double its Value.

There is no need to:

  • Get Leads

  • Find New Customers

  • Have Current Customers pay you more money

It can be achieved simply – by focusing on Cash Flow and Cost Management.

Of course it is unlikely your Accountant is up to speed with what An Economist can achieve with Financial Engineering. Which is why you should call us in.

The hardest part is waiting 3 years for proof of earnings consistency.

A better result than just doubling the value of your business can be achieved if during the 3 year gestation period you put your pedal to the floor – requiring little real effort.

Most profitable businesses are bought by buyers at multiples of 3 times earnings.

Assuming that your business fits the bill it should be throwing off around 30% in ROI?

Plowing back earnings can double profits and the value of your business in under 3 years. The faster you get real the sooner the process can begin.

All you will need decide is whether to exit in 3 years or extend the time for another couple of years in order to realize the optimum sale price for your Business.


Which should be around 6 times earnings averaged over the prior 3 years.