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Domain names represent the foundation of the internet. They fuel every activity that takes place online.You need a unique domain name to send email, market products and services, and to showcase your thought leadership.Think you can successfully do these things through someone else’s domain, like on Facebook or Medium? Let me be the first to tell you that’s a major mistake. (Just ask MySpace…)Maybe you do recognize the power of domain names, but can’t quite make sense of the opaque and confusing industry, such as…

  • How to buy domain names at wholesale values that get inbound inquiries at retail value;
  • How do you “crack the code” of domain name investing and become profitable;
  • How to know when an asking price is unreasonable, or if you’re leaving money on the table when you sell;
  • What the secrets are of those who have been in the industry for decades;
  • What the optimal marketplace is to maximize profit for each of the six types of domain names; and
  • How to act with integrity when dealing with intellectual property issues.

This is exactly why I created DNAcademy. I once faced these same questions, and embarking on this journey not only brought me answers and clarity but also major success and profit. DNAcademy is designed to transform you into an industry-ready domain name branding professional. Follow our clear, structured learning path recommended by industry experts and fast-track your career. With DNAcademy, you’ll receive all the tools you need to find your own success and profit. You’ll learn how to locate sellers, land the best deal possible, sell for maximum profit, or acquire the best domain name (and defensive registrations) for your brand. And I’ll show you how to do it all the right way. You don’t need to watch hundreds of hours of video content or read thousands of blog posts, determine what’s useful information versus biased opinion, what used to work versus what currently works, or put it in order from A to Z to understand it. We have done that for you and will save you years of coming up to speed, as well as thousands of dollars through our partnerships and discounts.

This training program will enable you to become a successful domain name investor, meaning new and increased revenue for you.

By learning the fundamentals and applying them to your investments, you’ll be able to make more. More deals, more success, more profits.

Learn how to get more sales leads, acquire domains at wholesale values, price domains for retail sales, close deals faster, and maintain long-lasting relationships that will help you become a master in your field.

As someone that has taken the DNAcademy course, I can honestly say it’s the best investment you can make in your education if you plan on continuing your domain investment journey. From beginning to end, you won’t be disappointed. Even after completing the course, you’ll find yourself going back to it often if for nothing more than a refresher.

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How to find potential buyers for your domain

September 4, 2021 by Yogi Solanki