There is an Arbitrage Opportunity in the way Businesses are valued for Sale …

Exploited by an elite band of Financial Revolutionaries involved in Private Equity Aquisitions and Management Consulting.

Do you want to discover how to use the standard financial reporting formats to Double the Value of a Profitable business without the need to increase Sales?

Here You have an Invitation to take advantage of the Radical concepts based on the application of Micro-Economics, now  replacing the traditional wisdom of Accountants in the valuing of businesses.


With a targetted focus of rapidly increasing profits and building the value of businesses for sale – you can acquire the ability to …

determine achievable results, and with adoption of a decision making strategy  – Management by Objectives – accelerate Wealth Creation for Business Owners (sharing in the magnified gains)


It is debatable whether the norm of applying multiples to earnings is true value reflecting the worth of a business or is it merely an arbitrary figure chosen as part of a cargo cult ritual?


The significance for the ambitious financially astute is that the formulation of Business Valuations by Brokers and Accountants and the indoctrination of their clients – buyers and sellers – is able to be manipulated by financial engineers to accelerate wealth creation.

For the cult which believes that the value of a business is equivalent to the average earnings of the last 3 years multiplied by 3 (the earnings multiple) you will get little argument when you double profits setting a value for a business of twice what it was previously. This leaves the door wide open for financial engineers to build rapid increases in business valuations for accelerating wealth creation for business owners and our consultants/Partners.

CAPITALIS CAPITAL Economists and Management Consultants are able to systematize Cash Flow Management Programs based on the formularized valuations popularized by Brokers & Accountants..

Which can reduce costs, increase profits and rapidly build business valuation as all the parameters are integrated to produce desired outcomes without the need to make any more Sales.

For Example: Cost Segregation and Cash Flow Repurposing can significantly alter the Financial Portrait of a Profitable Business – which if sustained for the minimum term of 3 years (needed to validate Earnings Consistency) will propel the valuation of a Profitable Business.

Business restructuring and transactions transformation permit the realization of increased profits even before expanded marketing programs kick in.

When cost savings, improved efficiencies and effective CRM Marketing Campaigns complement crafted financial engineering the real magic begins – boosting all performance parameters.

Instead of utilizing financial engineering as stand alone benefactors for business results putting all players on the field simultaneously the uplift in sales, revenue, new customer acquistions and profits can not only grow a business that process can exponentially compound growth of a business and send valuations in to the stratosphere.

Minimum expectations are tripling profits by year 3. When multiplied by 3, 4, 5, or 6 multiples dollar metrics take earnings up the ladder – where business valuations can rise to 3X3, 3X4, 3X5, 3X6 and 3X10 to 15 Earnings.

When a business can be listed on an exchange the latter can apply *(even higher depending on the industry.

See how your mental arithmetic is by quantifying dollar results of a $1million dollar a year business (before tax profits) when financial engineering is first cab off the rank.

Then add a marketing multiplier to boost revenue by 3 to 5 times increased expenditure for promotional campaigns funded by recycled Cash Flow and Cost Savings.


From that point on you should start to develop your business plan as a Management Consultant/Partner in Our Organization.

Our Business Model is to develop your financial management and problem solving skills which you use to assist profitable businesses improve operating profits and build business value for sale of the business for a lot more than it is worth when we first knock on their door.


We operate on a results only basis sharing what we help produce. There is no need for us to seek 100% acquisitions as we obtain free-carry equity which assists clients build the value of their business more efficiently.



  You must hold a University Degree *(any discipline), have a tremendous business drive and you must be a clear thinker, rational and decisive.


If you satisfy the criteria to join us book an appointment to see if you are a good fit.