Workers struggle to save money to invest so they do not need to work any longer – dreaming of the day they can relax. 

The sad part of the story is most workes dreams will not materialize. Their savings is inadequate to provide them with financial security in retirement and their standard of living will decline as their income drops when they leave employment 

Their investments are way short of what is needed to maintain the lifestyle previously made possible through income from working.

For instance the average contribution going in to 401k plans is just 7% of incomes – when employer contributions are included the average of all contributions is only 11% of workers income. And Employers are reducing the size of or are eliminating their contributions this year – with more employers set to follow.

Individual workers and their employers are unable to turn back the tide of the impendinh retirement crisis.

Professionals who pride themselves as Retirement Planners – Accountants, Financial Planners & Life Agents are all at sea – not fully understanding IRS rules and Economics to be able to construct a 401k investment program which floats. designed by Dean Anders (Chief Economist at Capitalis Capital), is the result of Research and Analysis by an interdisciplinary project team of Economists, Wall Street Quantants, HR Managers, Lawyers, Accountants, Financial Planners & Retirement Specialists.

The Research Findings herald an Approaching Financial Apocalypse with Economic Consequences far greater in magnitude than the Covid19 Pandemic.
Instead of being buried with other Academic Research the 401KLEVER study reveals solid immediate solutions for workers and employers – giving them an alternative to drowning like rats on a sinking ship.

The difficulty you might encounter is finding a 401k licenced professional ofey with 401klever to be able to help you.

The 401klever team provide research, advice, education & training for employers and professionals on all areas of economics – which includes Cash Flow Management, Retirement Planning, 401k design and management, Investment Management, Business Strategies, and Financial Programs for investors and business entrepreneurs.

If you are an individual needing assistance and not wanting to search in the wildernes for someone capable of giving you a Klever Retirement Program either introduce us to your employer or a financial adviser we can work with to tailor a 401klever Plan for you. (email: )