• Why does your business not recycle cash flow?
  • Do you have too much money to be bothered?
  • Or does your accountant have no idea how to manage money?
  • Is it yourself who makes the important decisions on money management and Economic Efficiency?
Been sidelined for sometime-, finally airborne again with a mountain of things to catch up on could YOU OR your BUSINESS QUALIFY?? WHEN EVERYTHING IS IN PLACE i WILL BEGIN HANDING OUT MONEY - STARTING WITH MIDDLE RANK EXECUTIVES (salaries above $60,000) ......who in the Pandemic appear to be the Forgotten People. THE MONEY will just flow each year until you wish to retire. withsdrawals will be structured so the money including earnings while in your fund will be exempt from tax. If you would like to speed up the process just send me a PM with the heading "401Klever Money FREE PLEASE" There will be additiomal money made available for Profitable businesses who have not been assisted during the Pandemic by handouts. The money is not a once off - it will continue indefinitely to be paid each year and is solely for marketing. It amounts to around $6,000 a year for each executive worker who receives any of our Free Flowing Continuous AnnuaL GrantS while they remain in your employment. As Long as the Free Money for employers continues to be utilized for marketing in ACCORDANCE with Procedure it shall remain TAX FREE. , iNTEREST fREE AND non-repayable Employers may speed up acess to the FREE mONEY FOR MARKETING BY SENDING ME A PM WITH THE HEADING - employer marketing FREE MONEY PLEASE: ######### NOTE: Assistance is required from Licensed Financial Planners and Accountants who would like to participate in a

As a Business Owner should your accountant regard it as a priority to make the best use of cash and capital coming in to and being spent by your business including accessing additional capital for Growth, Development, generation of more revenue, increased profit and to create more working capital – especially when it can be free?

  • In many instances Business Owners and their Accountants never give much thought to such vital financial issues.
  • In which case you are suboptimizing Financial Performance, Business Growth and Wealth Creation possibilities.