The 5 areas within a business the 20% comes from are – leads, conversions, transactions, prices and profit. If you can increase each of these 5 areas by a meager 10%, you can almost double that business’s profits. Do you know how EASY it is to achieve 10% increases??? You can do that almost overnight.

But consider this… if you increase each of these 5 areas by 50%, you can take a business making a profit of just $62,000 annually to almost $500,000!!! That’s TRANSFORMATIONAL for that business owner.…profit-growth calculator

Now I know what you’re thinking… 50% increases are huge! You can’t do that overnight. What if I told you that 50% increases are mere child’s play. What if I told you that I can get percentage increases in the hundreds… and often into the thousands?

P.S. If you think HUGE increases in revenue are a pipe dream, go check out any website in any profession. Look how they ALL focus on the business and NEVER on their prospects. The secret to effective marketing is to speak directly to your prospects and address their problems, frustrations and concerns. Now find me just ONE business that actually does that. Trust me, you won’t!

When you can consistently produce results like this for your coaching clients, shouldn’t you be rewarded for your efforts? I think so. That’s why I always negotiate a 10% to 30% “revenue share” in EVERY coaching agreement I sign with a business owner.

This entitles me to receive 10% of all additional revenue each of my clients generates during the entire length of my agreement with them. Since I know the 8 strategies I implement with them during the first 12 months of working with them will generate around $500,000… my revenue share is $50,000!!!

And that’s IN ADDITION to my monthly coaching “retainer fee” which averages between $1,000 – $2,500 per month. So that’s an additional $12,000 – $30,000 per year. How would you like to earn $62,000 – $80,000 PER CLIENT???

If you will agree to speak with me to discuss possibly working together, I’ll show you EXACTLY how I do this. I’ll leave no doubt in your mind that this is easy to do… and that YOU can do this too.

Since the Coronavirus, many companies have been beaten down. From our perspective as coaches that means they are now positioned for the fastest growth because they are lean, mean, and have to ramp up quickly. What an opportunity for our clients and for us!

Look, if you’re a business coach or consultant, or if you have a solid business background and are willing to learn how to become a world-class business coach, I’m in immediate need of your services to help me handle the current demand for coaching.

I’ll pay ALL of your training and start-up costs… and your first year compensation will range between $100,000 to $225,000.

Click here to  select a convenient day and time when we can chat and let me outline this opportunity in detail for you. This is NOT a sales call – it will be informational only.

If we both see a potential fit following our discussion, I’ll provide you with more detailed information for you to review. I look forward to speaking with you shortly.

Here’s to your success,