How would you like 3 New Clients in the next 30 days – delivered to your door?

Sales and Marketing Formats have evolved in the age of the Internet – particularly with the popularity of Social Media.

Social Media has developed the concept of relationship marketing to the extent that Advertising is no longer as effective in generating Sales or building brand image as it once was. Today it is who you know and the crowd you hang with which largely influence your values, attitudes and purchasing behavior.

Hence Business can focus on peer to peer marketing strategies and use Social Media sites such as Linkedin and Facebook.
For the time being ignore paid advertising and just follow the following Action Plan.

1. Make 20 Presentations a week for the next month – amounting to 3 or 4 presentations a day of less than an hour each.

The conversion rate will depend on a) How well you present b) The relevance of what you say towards solving a potential client’s problem/s c) You Having Targeted and Qualified the prospect correctly. Over time conversions should improve as you become more proficient in all aspects.

2. You will need to book 30 appointments – to allow for no-shows

3. To book that number of appointments you should message or directly contact people you know – either as a Linkedin Connection or from dialogue online in Interest Groups, Comments on Posts, or direct approaches (stemming from posts, your Profile or other online activity.

4. Picking an arbitrary acceptance rate of say 10% of your approaches you should message or directly contact 300 LinkedIn people with whom you have already started a social or business relationship to request an appointment – essentially to discuss common ground, their business – major pains, problems and principal concerns (could be goals and objectives or knowledge you might be able to share with them.
NOTE: You do not provide much detail – no sales approach. Your endeavor is just to make an Appointment – nothing else.

5. If you do not yet have a base of 300 prospects whom you know you must work on adding more connections. 

Approach prime suspects directly – Join relevant Groups, Comment on Posts, Make your own posts, Make a Group and invite people to join it, ask for referrals, hunt for people using Linkedin’s search Targeting:  Be Selective in the Groups you join, Persons you Connect With, Posts you make and comments. However that does not mean a narrow range – as it is worthwhile associating with persons who may be connected with suitable suspects, potential referral sources, useful associations for the supply of product, services, equipment, technology, systems, finance and capitalNiches: Markets should  be segmented in to more defined Niches. Pick 3 or 4 Niches to focus on. Do not limit your vision to that of a tunnel – look at array of attractive suitable Niches which you could specialize in.

6. Do not contact anyone until you have a scripted track for the a) Connection Request b) Appointment Invite c) Presentation.
Ensure you have listed your Elevator Pitch, USP and Irresistible offer for each Niche and refined it so it is not just pertinent for the recipient of your advances but it is spot on in respect of the client’s needs and concerns.
Trial Close to establish the level of interest and concurrence of the client with what you are about to offer.
Your offer should not be what you are shoveling but instead mirror back to the client exactly what they have said they want, need, use and buy.
7. As your internet prowess develops you should be able to integrate a Sales Funnel System to pump up the volume and automate a lot of the work. That will require an autoresponder, a landing page, and a short poignant video to create interest, induce viewers to insert their email, request a presentation appointment and complete a fact finding questionnaire prior to their appointment.
A first step towards a Landing Page can be to use Blogger (this site) with a single sales approach on an isolated page – not linked to your website, just to the autoresponder or using a direct email or another follow on process.

For B2B marketing you need not look past Linkedin.

Although Facebook also can be useful.