Had another good chat – more needed – even if nothing eventuates it is helping me to formulate a business structure and set of propositions for sign-ons, JVs and licencing.

Something I am looking at crawled out from my latest Tax Funded Acquisitions. Have not formulated anything yet

I will roll out some of it for you to comment on *& then time to gestate.

Hope you read and appreciate the legs on using 401k funds to provide finance for business owners & business buyers for acquisitions.

The funds able to be released from 401ks are tremendous. No one has twigged to the notion that is money which a financier can grab for entrepreneurial purposes, investing and on-lending to anyone – such as Business Buyers & Owners, and in particular to workers for funding their 401k plans. A type of symmetry using 401k money to create the tax rebates – which guarantee results – no risk with 500% ROI.

A similar layer is lending to Employers with similar tax benefits leveraging 401k contributions but with INFINITE ROI going to the Employees. I would appreciate your views & comments in a chat once you give it some thought?

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