25/04/2021 News  17Do you live in Thailand? Are you looking for a higher regular income, regardless of your gender, education or experience? Then you should read Emily O’neil incredible story today:

The number of people in Thailand owning at least $1 million rose rapidly this year. Studies have shown that 39% of these respondents have earned their fortune through this new underground banking.

One of these people is Emily O’neil. In our radio interview she told us that she has earned over $6.3 million this year:

“Well, I worked from home as a freelancer, but I had trouble making ends meet. I wanted to do something else. Something special.

Today I would like to help other people and show them HOW I have made millions of Dollars working from home in the last few months.

After months of research, while one scammer after the other tried to get in my way, I noticed an Thai Politician who mentioned “Underground Banking” live on TV. I became curious, so I took a closer look.

I have found out that the way has just been cleared for People in Thailand and I have quickly noticed that I have finally found a way to earn at least 6,000 – 8,000 Dollars a month online. This is not a “fast getting rich scam”, but a way for anyone who has $250 to double or triple it in a few hours/days, all it takes is a computer and a few clicks.

I’ll explain how the system works in a moment, But first I want to prove to you how fantastic it is. Jack, I’ll give you $250 for the deposit and try it for yourself.

Then she wired our reporter $300, which he deposited into the system to try it out for himself. Within minutes and a few taps on his cell phone, Jack jaw dropped when he saw he was making real money. His profit had risen to $537.35 during the interview!

The thing is…. Jack did not deposit the money into a risky foreign currency or offshore bank. He didn’t buy any shares or anything else that traditional banks have sold us in the past. In fact, what he did with Emily money was unlike anything he had seen in his 10-year career as a financial reporter.

Emily continued,

“It’s called crypto currency. I already know what you are thinking now Jack. You probably think it’s a trick or that it doesn’t make sense. Maybe you’ve already seen Bitcoin or Ethereum in the news and maybe even invested in them. Maybe you think it’s just fraud because you don’t understand how it works, or that you lost money.

Well, for me it’s a little different with the 6,000 a month. I use an underground banking system to benefit from the Bitcoin boom, without any investment or technology experience. And the best part is that anyone can do it.

Before Jack could object to anything, Emily continued again…

“You know, I love spending time with the kids and my husband. I don’t want to sit in front of a computer and trade crypto currencies all day long. That’s why I use underground banking, which does this for me automatically.”

There is evidence that this new type of bank could create more millionaires in the coming year than Google on the day of the IPO. Think about it: In 2013, only about 100,000 people held one of these accounts. Today, more than 30 million people use this new alternative banking system.

Graph representing the growth of Bitcoin.

You know, most people think the Bitcoin boom is over. But in reality, it’s just beginning.

“I don’t want to tell you or your listeners crap now. Not every trade is profitable. Because the automated software uses advanced machine learning and data modeling to make trades. Honestly, I don’t even know exactly what that means, but it works extremely well.”

However, it can happen that the system makes mistakes. Nothing will ever be 100% correct. But even with its mistakes I still make 80-89% of the time profit. This means that on a lost trade there are about 9 profits.

Hundreds of trades are made per hour, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. So you can imagine the amount of trades. On an average day I make about 5,000 to 8,000 Dollars profit. Incredible, isn’t it? I always do it in such a way that I take half of it and put it on for the children, buy real estate, travel, etc. … And then I invest the other half again. So I earn more and more money.

Last month I deposited $593,941 and let the software do the job. I also know that it sounds too nice to be true and to be honest, I wouldn’t have believed it if I had heard it a year ago. But how else could I have made the money to buy a second villa?

Just when Jack wanted to thank Emily for the conversation, she dropped a bomb:

“As a thank you for inviting me to your show, I will give your viewers some important tips on how to get the most money out of this system.”

1. the minimum entry fee is $250. However, I recommend depositing a little more – $325 or $375 and here’s the reason: The algorithm gives priority to users who deposit more, so you’ll find that you have more winning trades if your deposit is higher than average. I find that I make 20-25% extra if I deposit a little more.

2. trade all available crypto currencies, not just Bitcoin. Most people only trade Bitcoin because it is the only thing they know. But there are dozens more like Etherum, Monero, Litecoin, Zcash and so on. Trading these digital currencies can bring much better returns because most people don’t pay any attention to them. In fact, I make about half of my daily profit with these smaller coins.

3 Most importantly, you should reinvest your profits regularly! When you start to see that this system works for you, you will be amazed and want to request all your money and shop. That’s fine, but also reinvest your profits so you can earn even more in the long run. A good rule of thumb is to take out half the daily profit and invest the other half again, so I could make a profit of 8,000 Dollars per day in a relatively short time.”

Does the system also work for others?

When Emily was gone, Jack and his colleagues were stunned by what they had just seen. Jack had made $537.35 live on the show with this groundbreaking system he had never heard of before.

Jack asked his listeners if anyone else had experience with underground banking and if so, to contact them immediately and share their experiences. Within 30 seconds his telephone lines exploded..

The first caller was James Kelly, a man from Bangkok.

“My name is James and I’ve been using underground banking for some time. A few months ago I was at my personal low point because my girlfriend left me for a wealthier man. I wanted to blame her for being greedy, but deep down it was my own responsibility because I couldn’t offer her financial stability.

I’ve tried everything to make more money, but I’ve failed again and again. I even fell for a few online scams and lost more money until I tried this new underground banking system. I deposited the minimum of $250. I thought it wouldn’t be a big deal if I lost it, because it was just the amount I would spend every month on coffee and fast food anyway.

I was surprised that a few minutes later I received a call from my personal investor from the underground banking platform guaranteeing me that he would do everything in his power to help me make money. It was a whole new kind of professional client service that I never thought possible. No wonder the world’s leading billionaires have invested in this incredible technology.

“After I made my first deposit, the software started trading. My first trade was a loss of $12 and I felt a lump in my throat. I thought I had fallen for another scam. I was almost ready to withdraw all my money when I saw the next trade: a profit of $39. Then a profit of $51. Then another profit of $25. And it all happened in only 5 minutes.”

I kept the software running, my profits continued to stack, and I couldn’t believe my eyes. Almost every time I updated the screen, my balance had increased. I had never taken drugs like cocaine before, but I can imagine it feels something like this. I know why Emily is always so intoxicated. Gaining money this fast feels extremely good. At the end of the day I earned over $754 – not bad from an initial investment of $250.

The next day was a Monday and I was back at work. I was distracted and because all I could think about was how much this underground banking software had brought me. When I got home, I immediately went to my laptop and saw that my account balance had reached over $1,492.15. I was very happy with the results. That’s more than I earn at my desk job for a whole WEEK.

I followed the strategy of taking out half of my profits to buy something nice and reinvest the other half. First thing I bought was a new pair of Gucci sneakers. At the end of the week I made five-digits worth of profit, from which I bought a trip to London.

What it looks like today? I earned over $4 million because I reinvested all my profits, not just half. I still make 3,000 to 9,000 Dollars a day on the autopilot. It is more than enough for me to finally quit my job, buy my dream car and my home, travel and enjoy life!

“My ex-girlfriend left me because I was “too poor.” Ofcourse now she knows I’m a multimillionaire she wants me back. Not going to happen hahaha”

Does this underground banking really work? We had to test the system.

Although Jack made money live on the show and called James and told us about the fortunes he made with underground banking, we were still skeptical. We couldn’t let our listeners and readers try something that doesn’t work or worse, LOSE their money.

That’s why we’ve had our team conduct thorough research into this underground banking to see if it’s legitimate and if it’s possible to make real money from it.

And this is what we found:

First of all, this underground banking is a legitimate financial service that requires only $250 to start. It is regulated by the International Financial Regulations Committee (IFRC) and is supported by billions in investors.

In 2020, around 2,345 people who live in Thailand registered for this underground banking platform and made an average profit of $934,340.11. Last week there was another big increase in registrations as Emily unveiled the system on live TV and the company plans to shut down the registrations very soon to limit the number of users, so that the average profit per user does not decrease.

Everything seemed legitimate, so we had our team open a free account and make a first deposit to see the results for themselves again.

Our results in 7 Days with this Underground Banking System.

Everything seemed legitimate, so we gave some of our staff members “test money” to sign up for a free account and see if we can replicate the results for ourselves. Within minutes after our first deposit, we received a phone call from our personal investor who thanked us for signing up and gave us his word that we would make as much money as possible. Then the games were open.

During the live interview with Emily, Jack was able to win $537.35 after 11 minutes. With our own tests it took a bit longer. The platform took around 13 hours to make a profit of $272.59(maybe because we had more staff members doing it the same time), but it still impressed us!

We’ve never bought a Bitcoin before and never traded before in our lives, but we were able to make a profit with this underground banking system. We spent about 5 minutes a day checking the results and after 5 days the platform had reached a massive turnover of $645.20 in total.

That’s over 250% increase over our initial deposit. We all started to believe in this platform. After 7 days our initial investment had risen to $2,330.83. At this point, we thought how we could use this money to help our company.

We decided to keep the account active for a total of 15 days because we wanted to see how much it could make. Our account finally reached a high of $6,490.10, but had a negative trade of $-69.40. We looked through my trading logs and found that not every trade is profitable, some even lose money.

The platform is not magic, but after 70% of my trades were profitable, and we had net return of $6,490.10 on our first deposit of $250 if felt like magic. It cost us less than 30 minutes of work per week to manage and it required absolutely no technical or investment experience. As you can see from the screenshot at the bottom of this page, we decided to use the Withdraw Money feature to deposit $6,300.59 into our bank account and donate to an Indonesian earthquake relief fund.

Note: It took 48 hours for the money to be deposited into our corporate account.

Try this Underground Banking system for yourself

Since Emily has revealed this underground banking system in our show, the platform has received hundreds of registrations from people in Thailand and is officially closed to the public.

However, new users coming from our website will still be able to register for free. You will also have access to a personal investor who will take you by the hand and ensure that you are profitable beyond your wildest dreams. Hurry, because this underground banking system is about to close its doors, so this opportunity won’t last.

Everybody wants to be rich, but nobody knows how to get there. Well, this underground banking system is the opportunity to build a fortune that will allow you to live the life you really want. The opportunity doesn’t last forever, so don’t miss it.

Due to the extremely high demand, only 75 seats are still available. Applicants are accepted according to the “first come, first served” principle.

The manual of Emily

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