ShareBuilder 401k, formerly Spark 401k by Capital One, is the best Safe Harbor 401(k) retirement plan provider for small businesses because it’s affordable and includes all the services you need to effectively sponsor this type of plan for your employees. It serves as plan administrator, custodian, record-keeper, and investment advisor, eliminating the need to enlist the services of several financial companies and consultants. It also serves as the ERISA 3(38) fiduciary for the plan, easing your fiduciary burden as the plan sponsor. ShareBuilder 401k charges a setup fee and monthly administration costs. Also, as your plan assets increase in value, the monthly administration costs decrease. There’s no set contract length, so you can cancel your plan at any time. Like all other such plans, there is a termination fee that covers the costs of transferring assets and filing paperwork with the Department of Labor, as is required to shut down a retirement savings plan. Plan participants pay an asset management fee and fund expense ratios, both of which are lower than the industry average. The company’s investment committee selects low-cost index funds for its model portfolios and investment roster, and if you choose to customize your portfolio, there are no transaction fees for ETF trades and purchases.

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We selected Vanguard’s individual 401(k) as our pick for the best solo 401(k) plan because it’s affordable, with fewer fees and lower investment costs than its competitors. There’s no setup fee