Our Business Specializes in Financial Management & Acquisitions

There are many facets – not all of which require Financial Skills, such as Marketing & Sales.

If your Forte is the latter and you have management abilities you could make even more money than our Financial Specialists

However we do insist that you are highly intelligent

The Organization Structure is fairly flat with Partners operating at one of three levels – Consultant, Associate or Manager.

Most Partners start as Consultants, unless you have the capacity to start as a Manager.

Associates recruit, develop and build a team of consultants. Themselves starting at the base level as you learn about our Organization, the Services Provided and the Skills you will pass on to your team.

Your Business Development Goal should be to progress to becoming a Manager, as Your Earnings at that Level is much greater.

Remuneration is a combination of personal direct earnings and reward for building, developing and managing a team of Consultants.

The Services we provide to Client Businesses and their Employees are quite extensive – ranging from Cash Flow Management to Investment Management – with a lot in between, such as – Revenue Acceleration, Human Resources Development; Remuneration & Retirement Planning, Tax Management, Asset Protection, Marketing, Investment Banking and Private Equity Acquisitions.

Our Business Philosophy is to optimize results by applying Economic Rationality to decision making processes.

The Principal Strategy is to substantially improve the efficiency of Cash Flow Management and repurpose wasted Cash Flow in to Marketing for zero cost.

Compounding Revenue Growth by continuously reinvesting increased cash flow back in to larger Marketing Programs to signicantly increase Earnings.

Ultimately the building of Earnings produces a higher valuation of the business either for exit, or raising finance.

Whether our tasks relate to Employees, such as Salary Packaging, or growing our clients business – taxation is an area to which we give great attention. When unattended it contributes to major liquidity problems for most businesses & their employees, draining away scarce Cash Flow Resources – which could otherwise be employed to improve the financial position of clients and their employees.

When you commence working with us the two initial programs for you to focus on are inter-related: the first is directed towards Employees, the second focuses on Cash Flow Management and Financial Improvement of our Client’s Business.