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Giving away money for the goverment:

There is no Capital required – although you can notch it up if you choose to add working capital – but that is optional.

Millions of Baby Boomers are on the threshold of Retirement and a lot more to follow – yet many do not have sufficient savings to be able to live the remaining years of their life with dignity.

Would you care to help them?

Workers today heading to Retirement have a few problems; which is why your help is needed *

Get paid for giving people the knowledge they need to be able to have an extra $300,000 in their retirement, plus $4,000+ a year of extra spending money immediately

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It is guaranteed to increase the size of retirement Nest Eggs – based on a program designed by the IRS.

Simply by following the rules set down by the IRS
a Government Guarantee ensures the realization of a financially secure retirement for those who tale action today – worth hundreds 0f thousands of dollars in retirement income and extra money to live 0n TODAY!

Tax laws are complex and the generous concessions by the IRS to encourage workers to make provision for their retirement is hard for an average worker to understand. Professional Financial Advisers lacking an economics degree and substantial financial skill and experience are not helping their clients take full advantage of all that the IRS makes possible – when most 401k Funds have on average worker contributions of only 7% of wages

Every worker is allowed to contribute a maximum of $19,500 to their Personal 401k Retirement Fund this year, which is fully tax deductible.

Their Employer may match that $19,500 and also obtain a tax deduction.

Hence a total of $39,000 * of tax free money can be added to every workers’ 401k Retirement Fund. (another set of special rules have to be followed so your final 401k retirement sum on exit is not hit by tax. As it is new legislation there are still many advisers not aware of this. Make sure that the financial adviser you select has such knowledge).

*(Each year in October contribution limits are increased.)

However the average contribution to workers’ 401k is 7% of their wage only!! and when employers’ contributions are added to total contribution the average rises to just 11%. Actuaries know this level of contribution is inadequate to make provision for retirement living.

The situation is grave for most workers’ retirement yet neither workers nor their financial advisers address the financial predicament head on.

The biggest question to answer is WHY?

The answer might be – Not understanding 401k rules, or not having the skill and knowledge to be able to design an effective financial plan which arbitrages tax differentials and leverages Cash Flows

The lack of awareness of workers of the amazing financial opportunities which IRS concessions make possible in 401k Retirement Plans must be addressed. Initially information needs to be made available for workers in order for them to seek professional assistance to construct a suitable financial plan.

Step 1 is where you come in.

Well informed intelligent communicators are needed to convey the initial information and to make workers aware of what they are missing out on. It may provoke many to question their financial planner, even to switch to another who is more competent.’

After you deliver the initial message a lot of workers wanting more information can be directed to suitably skilled financial planners and accountants – who are professionally qualified to give advice on design and implementation of Retirement Plans which remedy the deficiency of those which do not come close to helping workers have viable retirement plan such as a 401k Fund with maximum contributions by the worker and the employer.

A step up in the investment chain is how an employee can have his Personal 401k contribution made without putting a hand in to their pocket.

The next step up is how to fund the employers matching contribution without cost to the employer

With the 2 steps hand in hand an employee is able to have $39,000 go in to their 401k annually without cost to themselves or their employer.

Continuing employment for 15 to 25 year, even with a capital stable investment strategy – the addition to your current 401k fund will be substantial.