CEOs of engineering and professional firms need help to maximize the performance of their sales team… most CEOs are caught up with leading and managing their company + strategy which causes three distinct problems:

(1) Their “clear line of sight” between them and their Topline becomes irregular. (Jack Welsh received GE’s sales metrics at the end of every day!)

(2) Under-performing salespeople are kept for 18 months or more…they rely on one or two top performers and let the low performers burn through customer relationships. (C-level sales people cannot attract nor keep A-level clients!)

(3) They lack Client Retention programs.
(What percentage of your clients give you 90 days’ notice that their next project is going to your competition?)

So, I help their sales team work together to get new clients and keep existing clients from going to the competition.

Bottom line, you will find revenue streams that were right under your nose, all along!

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