Business Opportunities

Our Marketing Program makes use of a CRM Rewards system – which pays people to make referrals.

Of course the big money goes to our Management Team – who work with clients to kick goals – solving their problems, increasing their revenue, sales, customers and profits.

You can choose to make money with us for Zero Cost (apart from a nominal $7 registration fee, to ensure that we have details of who to pay and where to send the money)

– or alternatively –

You might prefer to make a lot more, Potentially Millions of Dollars by being trained in an array of cutting edge Financial Products, Business Management, Marketing and Tax Planning.

>There is no need to enrol if you are happy to earn just $1,000 per client referral. There is little work involved and no studying is needed.

You May Join Us As a Referring Partner – Provided you can answer “YES” to each of the following questions:

Do you have a business?
Earn Money?
Pay Tax?
Would like to Grow your Business?
Have at least 10 clients?
and either currently or would like to make $5k to $10k per client?
Do your clients – (SAME AS ABOVE)?

How much can you really make?
It can be a lot more than just $1,000 times the number of referrals you make – as there is a Two Tier Rewards System – which gives you $1,000 for every referred client from persons you introduced.

There should be no need to be an Einstein to work out how lucrative your referral business may be if you can multiply by 10.


1. Say you refer only 10 clients – receiving $1,000 for each
2. If each person you introduce does likewise and introduces just 10 clients for whom you will receive $1,000 for each – as there would be 100 clients on that 2nd tier you can collect $100,000

Assuming your math enables you to calculate earnings potential at a higher level – what might you be able to earn by introducing more than just 10 clients?
Try the exercise by multiplying 10 times the respective numbers you can think of.

Of course you might want more information and to discuss things. And we want to see that we are a good fit to work together – whether you are management material or just want to be involved in our CRM Marketing Program –  schedule a chat Click