How much can you borrow from an Iul?The loan amount that could be taken from an IUL could be between 80-95% of the cash value, based on the carrier.Dec 16, 2563 BE

Indexed Universal Life Insurance – Tax Free Income Using Policy Loans

the death benefit of life insurance is tax free. What most don’t know is that the tax treatment of life insurance before 1982 made it one of the most attractive tax shelters that has ever existed. Want an IUL Discovery Call? Have Questions: Book a Time to chat here:… OR Send us your question here: While the guidelines changed in the 80’s the tax benefits of life insurance were written into the tax code (26 U.S. Code § 7702). The best part? The tax benefits of Life Insurance were expanded to encompass both the cash value growth of life insurance along with policy loans and withdrawals. Done properly, high cash value life insurance has the potential to be a great source of tax free supplemental retirement income all the while providing a self completing plan in the form of a tax free death benefit. Don’t be fooled by money managers who want to keep 100% of your money in the market in order to charge you a yearly fee. Done properly, the tax benefits of life insurance make it one of the most attractive non market correlated assets classes in existence today.SHOW LESSAllLife insuranceLessonsRelatedRecently uploadedWatched