When a Business Owner decides to sell you may not be aware of how much of the sale proceeds you may lose.

Listing your business for sale with a Broker can cost you around 12% of the Sale Price,

Even after that substantial loss there are further losses to come – whittling down sale proceeds.

Assuming you have owned in your own name the business for more than a year Capital Gains Tax Rates will apply,

Except when Corporations are the business owners, in which case they are taxed on Capital Gains at the same rate as for Income Tax. Whereas individuals are subject to Federal Tax at either 15% or 20%

Adding the lower to the cost of a Business Broker the sale proceeds drop by 27%

However many states also levy Capital Gains Tax at varying rate – starting from a high in California of 13%

Adding the California draconian Capital Gains Tax to Broker Commission and Federal Capital Gains Tax a Business Seller can be deprived of around 40% of the proceeds from Sale of their business.

There are varied Capital Gains Tax Rates among the states – some even having zero tax on Capital Gains and Income.

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