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Flywheel Marketing: Scaling to 30-100k+pm – for the CTI Community

Event by Next-Level Coaches


Sat, Sep 4, 2021, 2:00 AM – 3:00 AM (your local time)

Join here

James Hodges

Event by Next-Level Coaches

Video Conferencing, Cloud Phone, Webinars, Chat, Virtual Events | Zoom

Next-Level Coaches 992 followers 3d3 days ago\

Following Afternoon Coach,

Looking forward to the Flywheel Marketing Mastermind at 12:00 pm PST tomorrow.

This will be a no BS, no pitch, pure value mastermind (you will want to make this a priority- there is NO REPLAY).

We will have you IN AND OUT in < 1 hour, so PLEASE BE EARLY!!!!

We’ve developed some incredible innovative strategies that have helped:

Maik create $60k in the last 8 weeks on LI (10*$6k clients)
Paul go from $30k-$80k a month in last 120 days
Scott go from 8k-$45k/month in 9 months (and working 1 day a week -seriously)
Rudhir to go from $150k-$1M a year in 18 months

To name a few… And our clients as a whole create over $10M in results.

We’ll be diving into how you can move away from:
– Inconsistent lead gen
– Trading time for money
– Relying heavily on your network/word of mouth

And move towards scaling your income, impact & freedom (without more hustle, inauthentic tactics or major tech overwhelm).

A few things to note:

– LIVE on Zoom here:
– This is a highly interactive mastermind (think small group, big mind, deep conversation)
– Please be EARLY! We will have you in and out in < one hour
– There is no replay (as this is an interactive mastermind)
– Every person attending is very experienced and a top quality coach (so please bring your A-Game)
– There is no pitch (we don’t sell anything on here), we always lead with value upfront. We trust our work speaks for itself, so we don’t need weird webinar ‘tactics’

Lastly, please accept the calendar invite so we know you’ll be LIVE and can plan accordingly. 

This is a Mastermind (not a webinar, so a ‘replay’ won’t suffice). 

This is cutting edge stuff and if you want to scale your income, impact and freedom with more simplicity, authenticity and none of the BS that can be digital marketing – we’ll ensure we deliver on what we’re promising here and make this well worth your time. 

Can’t wait, see you soon!

James Hodges
Next-Level Coaches

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Andres Mego

Andres Mego

$20K-$100K+ a Month Bulletproof Coach Call

20 min

As you’re an experienced coach who wants to earn $20k-$100k+ a month, let’s take the time to review your quiz, help you Scale intelligently, and skyrocket your income, impact & freedom!


This will be on Zoom. Please ensure you are in a quiet location to be fully present, and that your phone number is correct for the confirmation.

Zoom link: