Gil still has a US bank account – he is sending the $100k there so it is on hand when we need it and maybe it can be useful in establishing credit,

Uncle has become more obliging and less prescriptive – so we do not have shackles. We will look at a few alternative strategies and no longer be in a rush to jump in to the water before considering what we might do with Real Estate Conglomerate as a Priority, not buying property for ourselves immediately unless we get a sweet deal and exceptional finance – but we might buy what you have identified for foreign clients wanting a piece of the US market.

What we will do when the money is there is revolve it around the 5 Corporations – please open accounts for Business Consortium and Real Estate Conglomerate – did you already open one for it? It will involve cycling funds every month inorder for bank statement to show the required numbers to build credit – I think might be a minimum monthly deposit of $10k – we will be able to do more. All that is required is a program where the minimum is met each month and exceeded – withdrawals flow on to another C Corp and each set of transactions needs to show a mix of amounts – so there is not regularity – until we work out an appropriate interest payment being received by Investment Conglomerate matched by monthly payments from each of the borrowers,*(could have loans show in more than one C Corp.) In addition to that I want to start the 401k programs – to boost real activity for Investment Conglomerate – for both the 401k Retirement Plan & the Finance Plan which can involve lending 401k money at 10% after costs – factoring costs at 15% (giving us 5% – about what members net before tax) In the process I want to establish relationships as a referrer/ introducer and see what can be established as funds need to be on hand for Property Purchases, Business acquisitions, 401k contributions, tax management and Cash Flow initiatives a lot coming together with all the pieces in place