Max Fund Personal Contributions using borrowed funds leverage

Match with Employer Contributions using Salary Sacrifice

Loan Back 50% – to fund acquisition

Set Interest Rate @ 15% – Capital doubles in 5 years

Immunization Can drain retained earnings: shift business profits in to 401k , workers external investments and expensive homes

Use real estate acquisitions to generate depreciation deductions

Capital growth compounds investments – cover Home Mortgage & 401k loans

Deduct Interest Expense on Home Mortgagereal estate

Acquire additional businesses with Leverage and interest absorbing profits while leaving EBITDA Intact

Note: competition suboptimizes 401k fund size @ 7%

Workforce Size X $19,500 X 2 = Acquisition Capital

10 Employees = $400,000

100 Employees = $4million

Establish separate non-related corporation for own purpose or DMA

Receives funds via loans@ 15% = Guarantees 401k loan (TAX EXEMPT)